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Dviejų galvų profilių pjūklas WEGOMA DS130 | Anvira

Dviejų galvų profilių pjūklas WEGOMA DS130

  • Aprašymas:
Modernus, galingas didelio našumo dvigalvis profilių pjūklas.
Techniniai duomenys:
Užsakymo kodai:
20000059 Dvigalvis profilių pjūklas DS130B
20000060 Dvigalvis profilių pjūklas DS130H
Both sawheads move simultaneously from the middle point over ball bearing onhardened and polished guide rods. Precise lenght settings through the electronic position control. The speed of DS130 is infinitely adjustable.

large cutting area

  • double cut possible
  • hydropneumatic saw feed
  • pneumatic tilting
  • 4 pneumatic calmpings
  • left saw head fixed, right saw head manually adjustable (DS 130B)
  • saw head left fixed, movable right saw head electronically using electronic positioning AC 90 (DS 130H)
  • short an long cut attachment (DS 130H)
  • with PC (20000061)
Voltage: 230/400V, 50/60Hz
Power each engine: 2,2kW
min. cutting lenght: 355mm
max. cutting lenght: 3300mm
Speed: 2800rpm
Tilting: 45°/90°/45°
2 HM sawblades: 500mm
Air connection: 6-8bar
Weight: 1100kg